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Web Site Development

A successful Web site must have an attractive design, a user friendly layout, well-written content, regular updates, and must be somewhat interactive. Here is a breakdown of the different areas of Web site development:

  • Design
    The design of the pages must be done in a way that is unique, creative and appealing, you don't want a "cookie cutter" site. The site design must not be too "flashy".

  • Layout
    The Web site must be have a layout that is easy to navigate. The visitors must be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

  • Content
    A Web site can have all of the "bells and whistles" and the best design, but if it lacks good content, then is serves no purpose. Web site developers must not only design a good site design, but must also provide content that is of interest to the site's visitors.

  • Regular Updates
    You must keep your Web site updated regularly to keep your visitors coming back. There is nothing worse than a Web site with old content that never gets updated.

  • Interactive
    Provide your visitors with ways they can interactive with you and your Web site through email; polls; chat rooms; message forums; etc.

NetPublicist Recommended Developers

NetPublicist recommends the following designers and developers for your Web site needs:

Ilardo Designs - Comprehensive Website Design & Development

Obed Gómez Arts Inc. - Artist, Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Eric Powell Design - Graphic Designer

Eric Willbanks - Graphic Designer & Web Developer

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